Our care focus

Each and every summer: We set our table in the neighborhood of the Cyclades 

“The garden penetrated the sea a delving carnation of a cape” Odysseas Elytis

In the sheltered cove of Ambela

Ambela Tavern is 13km away from the city of Ermoupoli, in the southern part of Syros, right across from Naxos, Paros, and Antiparos. In-between Mega Yalos and Posidonia, you go down the main road and at the end of the serpentine route you come across the beach of Ambela, sheltered from the brisk meltemia winds. 

Amidst the tranquil vistas of that location, Ambela, our tavern, becomes the impetus for sharing with you our love for the history, natural vistas, flavors, and light of the Cyclades, those magnificent and blessed rocks which have been counting their history, civilization, and art since 3000 BC.

We begin where the waves end.

Quietly, on the sea, under the stars; in the shadow of the tall cedarsalt and the palm tree. We have no dilemmas here but we do have a…trilemma: do I go for a dip and a dive, do I sit and relax in that cool and spacious garden, or do I sit and drink in the view from the large, sheltered veranda? All in the spirit of free will, guilt-free indolence, and unconditional surrender to the season’s languidness.

With fragrant herbs planted in our flower beds –they go straight into our recipes, whetting your appetite.

AMBELA: the point where the cuisines of the Aegean meet and hug each other.

The cuisine of AMBELA embraces and makes even richer the vast tradition of Aegean cuisine with recipes originating mostly in the islands of the Southern Aegean. Our desire is to contribute our mite to showcasing the distinctive wealth of the food and wines of the Aegean islands and to making sure that you become acquainted with every rich and tasty morsel. 

We do that with short, flexible menus and selected tastes, the ambassadors and essence of the Aegean’s flavorful dishes. 

From the insignificant to the significant, we mind the details every step of our way. 

We are in synergy with local Cyclades producers to promote their exceptionally crafted products. 

We are also in synergy with an accredited nutritionist to ensure that our meals have the nutritional value they should and our mix ‘n match of flavors is the right one. 

* Member, Aegean Cuisine

At Ambela we got THE view and views


* AMBELA is a tavern which: 

-is in a privileged location ideal for letting your mind travel and for day-dreaming while gazing at the Aegean’s hypnotic blue right at that non-existent line where it becomes one with the horizon. 

-unwinds mind, body, and soul

* shows a hospitable face to people of all ages at all hours 

* can be accessed easily by all: the young, the old, and the handicapable

* is the perfect family destination, where the kids can play with safety and the parents can relax reading or chatting. 

* is a fresh idea for those who want to sit on the benches under the saltcedar and the palm tree, enjoying their coffee, beer, or drink, in-between their swimming forays.  

* is open and friendly to your pets. Our garden welcomes them with plastic bowls filled with fresh water: remember, you’re the one watching over them. 

child care

* kiddie menu

* Infants and toddlers can have their own high chairs and older children can have their own tables in our garden. 

this is how we try to protect the environment

* Free parking (capacity: 50 vehicles) that acts as a buffer against even the handful of cars trying to get to the beach 

* We’ve made some landscaping interventions on our grounds with a view to protecting and showcasing the location’s natural environment

* We keep our water potable and ready for use by purifying it through special filters provided by Watershop

* We keep the beach of Ambela in shipshape condition (please excuse our intentional pun) through daily cleaning and trash cans placed at strategic points

* We give our guests free paper ashtrays to take to the beach 

* We give free, wooden beach recliners to those who forgot to bring their own along: we only ask that the recliners be returned to their base so that the next person can also use them for rest or relaxation on the beach  

* We make sure through our regular, certified pest exterminations and disinfections carried out by BioClean that insects, reptiles, rodents, germs, and all sorts of cooties take their business elsewhere 

* We invest in our premises’ infrastructure and equipment

* We offer our staff training in foreign languages, first aid as well as Hellenic Food Authorities (EFET) and Cyclades Chamber of Commerce seminars 

* We keep a fully stocked first-aid kit to meet potential emergencies


Slow Food is a movement of resistance against the leveling and cheapening of taste as decreed by the speed and rationale of fast-food venues. 

It is an international, cultural movement whose aim is to save our planet’s material culture, protect the heritage, bio-diversity and identity of the food of local communities and champion the people’s right to enjoying tasty food. 

Slow Food is a movement that encourages local communities to recognize, support, and demand their right to food that is good (fresh, flavorful, and healthy), clean, fair, and affordable. 

Slow Food also reminds us of the spirit of conviviality at the meal table at a pace that is compatible with human nature. 

It promotes the kind of cultural and gastronomic tourism that proceeds carefully, respects each community’s natural environment and traditions and international initiatives of solidarity on issues of nutrition. 

* Ambela is a member of the SLOW FOOD movement