Food & Drink

Ambela: Tastes come in waves!



It’s at the table stories are written


* Good ole’ Time

For us at AMBELA, Time is color, Time is unwinding, Time is creation. It’s the physical distance which separates the bloom from its fruit. It’s the space necessary for an idea to grow, for our tastes and flavors to get from the pot to your plate. It’s the forgotten charm of the experience lived. 

To us, Time spells neither “coercion” nor “chore”: It’s awe at the beauty of “hatching”, the sweet wait for something beautiful that is on its way to being born! 

And that’s because hidden within the process simultaneously are quality and substance. It’s the only way to make a friend out of Time and give the expression “all in good time” its due! 



Food will do what it always does best: serve the basic human need for survival. At the same time, it will also do what it, again, always does best: be the most delicious reason for us to get together, to shoot the breeze (literally, in our case!), to drink, to remember, and to hope. It is at that point that food becomes the common ground between experience and memory and, ultimately, the common ground for the expressions of culture. 

Mealtimes are quality times, they’re “enjoy” times, they’re “relax” times, they’re rituals, a gift “from us to us, with love Us”, a full-blown experience that is as personal as it is collective. 

* To us, cooking is imagination, creation, void of pretension and complacency. 

* Cooking is giving, it’s meant for that “other one,” the visitor, the guest, the friend, the stranger. 

We draw our inspiration from the rich tapestry embroidered with the tradition of the Aegean cuisine, especially from that part which hails from the islands of the South Aegean, from its inventiveness, diversity, and combination of ingredients. 

They all bestow on us flavors that are authentic, pure, simple, austere, balanced. 

Our aim is to help familiarize people with the wealth of the foods and wines of the Aegean, of showcasing it and then go on with the quality, wholesome, imaginative cuisine of our tradition. 

We like to see our guests leave AMBELA fully sated yet light. More importantly, we like to see our guests leave satisfied just as if they were guests at our own house just because we love taking care of them. 

We do no more and no less than what our moms and families would have done anyway! 

Lavishing our care on others through a well-cooked meal is an untainted, unadulterated value of our culture. 

We use only Greek products, we use only produce that is fresh and in season, and we get our supplies from local Cyclades producers so that their products get the recognition they deserve. 

* Fish from the island’s fishermen weather permitting

* Artisanal cheeses from the Cyclades (Syros, Tinos, Naxos, Sifnos, Ios)

* Meat,  local goat and pork meat

* Our fresh produce is always seasonal bought locally or from other Greek regions from small producers

* Our bread comes from DANOS, a local bakery goods business, and is specially made for Ambela

* Our wines are carefully selected by oenologists Nikoletta Makryonitou and Nikos Hatzakis and are locally crafted in Syros or around the Cyclades, the Aegean, and other Greek regions 

* We proudly support and showcase the Cyclades’ own NISOS Beer from Tinos and the award-winning tsipouro crafted by Mr. Yannis Sarris in Chroussa, Syros. 

* We use Peloponnesian extra-virgin olive oil 

* The leafy green salads we serve are cut and prepared at the very moment you order them so that they may retain all of their vitamins and nutritional value

* Our flower beds are planted with aromatic culinary herbs, the very same we use in our recipes

* Nothing goes to waste: we turn our leftover culinary ingredients into other food goodies

* We make our own desserts, liqueurs, jams, traditional “spoon” fruit preserves, cookies, breadsticks, spreads, cured foods, broths, sauces and marinades for meat, fish and seafood

* In our frying pans we use premium sunflower oil we change often so that our fried foods will emerge from the frying pan with the right looks and wholesomeness

* We recycle our cooking oils in special bins where they are turned into soap and cleaning products

* We oven-bake using both humidity and air (sous-vide technique) at low temperatures to make sure that the quality and sensory traits of our raw ingredients are retained and enhanced

* We prepare your food at the time you order it apart from casseroles and oven-baked recipes which are prepared ahead of time but always on the same day you savor them 

* There’s nothing “prefab” about us: We use no pre-baked, pre-fried, frozen goods and foods and that’s why your orders take a bit of time to prepare

* We are in collaboration with an accredited nutritionist so that your meals have the right nutritional value

* We said it before: nothing goes to waste! Leftover food is offered to charitable institutions around the island or to our crew working at Ambela


AMBELA under the stars!

For those who wish to engage in the ambitious project of counting the stars until the wee hours, we offer in Ambela’s garden –from 23:00 hrs on- cold dishes and cheese selections if you’re looking for something light to nibble on while you’re enjoying your wine, drink, or cocktail.