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An event is the expression, outreach, and revelation of intentions and feelings and here at AMBELA we like hugging what we love: Music, painting, children, nature, exploring the stars, in short all that makes us better. 




_“Ota akouein” MUSICAL COMPANY 









On December 23, 2013, Ambela Tavern celebrated its first Christmas with a 5-hour event dedicated to children up to 12 years of age. 

The children present

*made the dough for and baked their “SALT&DOUGH” ornaments such as little angels and deer which they turned into sensational creations with beads, ribbon, and gold dust and then carried away with them to decorate their own Christmas trees at home

*prepared with a little help from our CHEF GOBLIN, their LOVE’A’PIZZA and MAGIC CHOCOSTRAWBERRISCUITS using yogurt, biscuits, baking chocolate and strawberry or chocolate syrup

*went on “cooking journeys” to Taste World through pictures and colors and learned what people eat in other parts of the world

*decorated the strangest and most delicious Christmas tree known as the VEGGIEMAS TREE on which carrots, broccoli, peppers and other seasonal veggies hung... 

*sang Christmas carols but instead of banging on traditional triangles they used our kitchen pots, ladles, and long forks

*the parents also enjoyed themselves, sitting around, drinking coffee, and nibbling on mouthwatering cake. 

*throughout the preparations of the food and the dessert the children wore chef’s hats and disposable gloves. 


For our event we turned for assistance to: 

artist Elpida Gad, supervisor at the Syros Culture & Creativity Multi-Venue; and poet-writer Vangelis Evangeliou.



These are evening sessions we hold with a view to familiarizing our guests with the tastes, aromas, colors, and traits of what we eat and drink. Those sessions also act as an opportunity to get to know each other, talk about things, and share the joy of new things with passion and optimism so that our life acquires a better fabric! 

We ran two cycles of food and wine tasting so that we could learn all about the background, the aroma, and the color of Merlot and Syrah, two red wines. We combined each wine with a menu specially designed for each. 



Merlot’s Menu

Welcome platter

A small platter of rusks, Syros louza cured ham, and Paros “kefalaki” kefalotyri cheese


Green salad with dried fruit

Salad of leafy greens with dried fruit, marinated in tsipouro, nuts, pomegranate seeds, and balsamic vinaigrette


“Mylelia” appetizer

Homemade pasta baked with fresh tomatoes, basil, and cheeses


Main courses

* Afelia

Pork rump marinated in red wine, stovetop-cooked with coriander and served with a pilaf tossed with bulgur wheat and dried fruit 


* Rabbit

Rabbit clay-baked with prunes and rosemary and onions caramelized in balsamic vinegar. Served with a baked potato



Baked apple served with cinnamon cream and a red wine glaze


Syrah’s menu


Saganaki pan-fried cheese, Louza cured ham, grilled Syros sausage



Naxos graviera (gruyère cheese), Paros Kefalaki



Bulgur wheat salad, Constantinople cabbage salad, grilled vegetables

Σαλάτα με πλιγούρι, Πολίτικη, Ψητά λαχανικά  


Main courses 

* Garlicky-Peppery Lamb

Lamb rubbed with a white-black-green pepper blend and fresh thyme. Served with oven-baked potatoes

Mushroom soup

agaricus mushrooms, milk, onions, chives, fresh butter

Spicy elephant beans

baked with fresh tomatoes, chili peppers, red pepper flakes, onion garlic, and parsley



Chocolate pie



*The “AKROPODITI” Modern Dance Group of Syros danced the final steps of the “2013 Dance Fest” with impromptu dances while inviting the people on the beach to do the same. 



We hand-harvested our olives and got them ready for winter



We gathered the lemons from the gardens belonging to the friends of Ambela and made jam, juice, and traditional “spoon” sweet preserves.