No adieus: It's 'till we meet again' the departure

what our guests said about us:


Georgios Haralambopoulos 

“Congratulations on the flavors, service, and inspiration. Everything’s super. Extended congratulations go to the staff, too!” 


Leonidas Oikonomopoulos 

I’d like to congratulate both the management and the tavern’s staff for their flawless and warm service. 

The dishes were great and the prices reasonable, all was fine, just some “trepidation” remaining that, over time, it all becomes downgraded as it usually happens with Greek restaurants. 

Congratulations, thank you, and best of luck


Nikolaos Karavengelis 

Congratulations! You’ve got an Authentic place. It’s got quality, cleanliness, and terrific service.

Honest value for money. In one word…Greek!


Noela Palingini 

You’ve changed our island’s gastronomic culture.

Congratulations and pluck up for a future with more ideas that are as dynamic as they are distinctive! 


Katerina Ghaná 

Superb tastes, fantastic service, everybody truly courteous: 

An experience into taste and I’ve got a question: “Why here and only here?”


Maria Rousahatzaki 

Beautiful ambiance, cultured, elegant, and clean

Immediate service given courteously and discreetly. Flavors that are not muddled, tastes that are pleasant, light, and in interesting combinations. 

Portions were also decent and beautifully served. Reasonable prices. 

For a beachfront tavern, you’ve got the level of an upscale restaurant. 

Good job, people, and may you have a great future in all you do. 


Timos Petridis 

Excellent food –great attention to detail (e.g., coke with lemon and ice), clever combos (bulgur wheat salad and bean salad). We’ll be coming back with the gastronomy and culture group next July. 


Vasilis Babotakis

Great menu, prices that are right, fantastic service, even at peak hours! 

A steady value in an unsteady world!!!

Be here always!


Kathya Clark

Beautiful ambience-Food=Greek with a modern, delicious twist


Sonya Karayannidou

Great natural surroundings, warm ambiance, good food on a lovely, quiet shore of Syros where a traveler (with or without company) can enjoy his dip in the sea, a tsipouro shot with appetizer or a great meal and all in the exceptionally friendly ambiance of Ambela Tavern.  The place’s people take care of everybody with great flavors, traditional or innovative dishes, no culinary exaggerations. Everything is served in hefty portions, the quality of ingredients is truly good, and the price is right. I recommend it without reservations!


Thodoros Govdelas

Everything was very, very nice. Keep going like that and change nothing! 



What a super meal. Great food. Great service. Thank you.


Yannis Triantafyllou

Great service and excellent dishes! Thanks!


Nikos Korres

Great ambiance, great food. I’d like to hear some music that ties in with the surroundings


Marianna Pateli

We’re delighted!


Karolina Pataria

Everything was good – thank you very much!


Ioanna Avramidou

A great restaurant, congratulations!


Ioannis Grymblas

We really like it a lot, we’d like to see more and cheaper choices!


Lambros Tzoldos

We had truly great food!! We’ll be back


Kyriakos Mantouvalos

I don’t regret it that I listened to my koumbaros and that I recommended you to my friends as well. Thank you…


Evangelos Vozinos

Excellent food and the service just as good. The bees were a bit annoying.


Konstantinos Xanthopoulos

Everything was great. Thank you very much. 


Eleftheria Tambali

Fabulous food


Nikos Tsilis

You’re perfect! Don’t change! 


Vlasis Theodosiou

Everything was fantastic. Keep going like that…


Maria Printezi

Congratulations on your presentation, your service, your grill, and…your desserts


Eva Alexandridou 

Great food! Great location! Flawless service! Keep it up!  


Fotini Zaharopoulou

Delicious food and very friendly people. 

As to the location, that was breathtaking!

Thank you!


Christos Bakis

Everything was very good. Hope you keep it up!!


Anna and Stelios Siamalopoulos

Everything was perfect!! Congratulations


Thenia Vayonaki

Excellent food service and ambience!


Anna and Giorgos Prevedourakis

Everything was so great, wish there were more restaurants like yours in Syros. Please keep us in the loop on your menu


Theodoros Bakalis

A restaurant well taken care of with excellent service and lots of choices on the menu. You could try including pasta with flavors that are more sea-related 


Angelos Chiromerides

Excellent food and great service from a great staff


Vasiliki Christopoulou

Both food and service at your tavern were flawless. We’ll be sure to come back. 


Giorgos Tsakirakis

Service, courtesy, and flavors were very good and I don’t think that they should be subjected to criticism and suggestions. 


Vakis Karvonis

You’ve certainly showed us Syros people how it’s done. Big bravo goes to you. 


Manos Vlatakis

Everything was perfect! Bravo!


Panagiotis Perdikouris, Michalis Karayannis

Many congratulations! Keep your quality steadily high! 


Ioanna Zoydou

mid-summer…last dip of the day…

dusk…sand in my toes and my hair all wet, a sip from an ice-cold beer and night is upon me….moonless…

that’s the feel I had before Ambela’s tavern welcomed me with its own tastes and flavors…

Ambela…warm, sheltered cove with its little tavern under the stars unwinding mind, body, and soul…as for the night, with our without a moon…satisfaction guaranteed!!!! 


Dimitris Zerdevas



F. Manceaux

Very nice.....Big Bravos


Theodoros Klonaris

Less oil on the lean fish we ordered


Eleni Koroneou

A beachfront place would be wise to be a bit simpler and ordinary. 

After swimming, you’re looking for some relaxation!

Wish you the best of business!!!


Κορωναίου Ελένη

Για παραθαλάσσιο μαγαζί καλό θα ήταν να είμαστε λίγο πιο απλοί και καθημερινοί.

Μετά το μπάνιο αναζητάς χαλάρωση !

Καλές δουλειές !!! 


Nikos Tsambakouris

1. Service and customer priority somewhat lax

2. Small mistakes in the translation of the dishes in English

3. Cooking mistakes

4. A very good “image” not adequately supported


Napoleon Nezer

Excellent food with flavors that stand out. Courteous service and hence speedy, very good prices! 

An observation in a small way: You can’t justify 2.50 euros for 4 slices of bread


Dimitris Paschos

Very good food, overall.

The pork baked in parchment paper was a bit “poor” in taste and presentation. 


Stefanos Betsikas

A very good effort! Syros needs good restaurants like this one. 


Epaminondas Palinginis

A praiseworthy effort. Keep your quality up for both food and service. 


Theano Metsoviti

Good cuisine, excellent service


Eleni Xydi

Everything was very good