Our recipe

…as found in our life’s menu: the art of life folds sweetly into the art of cooking

“Eros, the archipelago and the prow of its foams

And the gulls of its dreams, on its highest mast, the sailor

waves a song” Odysseas Elytis

Oftentimes, the words that revolve around food and life become tangled. 

We say “he’s got a thirst for life” to describe the creative person or “This place is so beautiful I could eat it”. 

That’s pretty much what happened to us here at AMBELA. 

Thirsting for a taste of the real life, we found ourselves at the beach of Ambela. That was when we realized that we had finally stumbled onto an excellent recipe for happiness. Here are the ingredients: 

- 2 tbsp of tranquility

- 1 fillet o’ sun and sea

- 1 brimming glass of pure bliss blended with our infinite desire to lavish our care on others. 

That’s how we uttered our first welcome in 2013. That’s how we go on together, doing what we love doing most: having pure fun cooking and drinking in the stories flying around the table: our country’s ultimate flavor! 

On an itsy-bitsy beach embraced by the Aegean:

Ambela Tavern, right on the beach of Ambela: a dot with no substance on the map of Syros, one itsy-bitsy tattoo on the bosom of the Cyclades, right here, on the crossroads of cultures, experiences and flavors. 

Because Ambela is a place of tastes, a gastronomic meeting point for the Aegean’s cuisines, an enduring surprise on the palate. 

Because Ambela is not just about food: it’s a great excuse to get together, it’s a place where we can test the see-saws and highs of life, it’s a drop of bitterness less, it’s a teaspoonful of joy more. It’s a summertime experience through and through! 

The team of AMBELA: forever tightly knit 

We work while gazing at the Aegean’s blueness, gazing across to the Cyclades, to Paros and to Naxos… The sea inspires us, the sun, the breeze, the quiet, it all inspires us and we get to talking about our recipes, designing our menus, taking pictures of our food, picking out our ingredients, cooking, baking, frying. We do trial runs, rinse, clean and serve… 

All of us together, like one, so that to the best of our ability we can turn our endeavor, our philosophy, our vision into reality, knowing all the while that our guests must be given it all in all too short a time during too short a vacation!

No doubt about that: we are a team whose members lovingly share what they do, looking at things this way and that way. We’re a community, an open one, a friendly one, a lively one that takes the risks as they come, that lives life with a passion, that trusts and, yes, one that does make mistakes. 

AMBELA is an outlook on life. It’s food for inspiration, it’s the art of squeezing the last drop, of eating the last bite out of your “me” time. 

So that we can all have some fun together! 

We would like to thank our suppliers and the people who work with us for the quality of their products and services they provide us with. We would like to thank them because they contribute to the collective end result.